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  1. xXincognitoXx says:

    How's everyone doing? Wow, It's really been a couple years since I've visited the forums (considering I used to be obsessed with them when they first went up), i'm glad to see some familiar names here and there (talking to you Earl,Spookspoon,tman,dbm).

  2. connah14 says:

    hey xXincognitoXx

  3. spookspoon says:

    I made a habit of visiting the forums almost every day the first years i was here, so i'll always be present. I just miss the liveliness that it had once. Now i'm just waiting for Steve or Jay to say something..

  4. tman140 says:

    I try to check back here once a week... miss the old days though... :/

  5. xXincognitoXx says:

    Another year goes by. It's weird seeing that 10 months post and then the 4 years is even crazier. Felt a bit nostalgic and had to replay all the games :P

  6. iggypop521 says:

    I miss this place too...
    At least we have Ballads 2 on the horizon, that oughta bring back a spark of life.

  7. tman140 says:

    Yeah, miss the community here... Ive been so caught up in other things lately, hoping some new games will reignite the forums to the blaze of activity it once was... Actually last night I was thinking about that stupid hard picture thing that earl had us try and figure out...

    There needs to be email updates for the forum (Hint Hint), might help us keep updated

  8. beewyka says:

    Ah, it HAS been a few years, and many things happened between visits, like me finding out about homestuck and waiting for the dang gigapause to end


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