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  1. ethanrule3 says:

    Hey guys! I just found one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. Here's the URL.

  2. spookspoon says:

    ethan, are you this 13 year old dude that crashes?

  3. ethanrule3 says:

    Lol no. I'm actually the guy taping it on my phone. What did you think of it?

  4. spookspoon says:

    it was okay. I mean its kinda funny to see an individual being poked by others. I didnt have time to watch it completely, so I cant really say.

  5. darkbluemullet says:


  6. GREAT1 says:

    i dont understand what's the funny part of this video

  7. GREAT1 says:

    @ethanrule you said in your profile that you liked rick riordan right?,do you like percy jackson series,or the red pyramid or anyhting like that

  8. spookspoon says:

    way to change the subject.

  9. Bopoo says:

    Percy Jackson books are great

  10. ethanrule3 says:

    I do like Percy Jackson and The Red Pyramid, but I would like to keep this forum thread about the video. If you want to start a Rick Riordan thread, I'd be happy to discuss his books there. Thanks!

  11. LMFAO says:

    i don't see the funny part of this video but happy canada day!
    P.S:sorry i know the canada day already pass but i didn't knew this forum before

  12. beefsnarf123 says:

    ethan buddy have not heard from you in a while how are you :D

  13. ethanrule3 says:

    Been good.


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