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  1. tman140 says:

    So, there never really was an official "goodbye" post or anything for CSG, it just stagnated. But I had the opportunity to ask Jay about it on a recent Ballads 2 Kickstarter update (Yes, it's still happening!) and this is what he said.

    "Essentially the gaming space changed on us, browser switched to mobile and we couldn't transition fast enough. I ran out of money and had to get another job. I didn't want to hamper Steve so I left Clickshake to re-evaluate my situation. Took me a few years but I'm happy I made it back!"

    So it sounds like although Clickshake might be dead, Jay and Steve are still in the industry and working on games!

  2. SteveCastro says:

    It's true. Our deal with FreshGames to work on Escape the Titanic for mobile was a learning curve for Jay and I, and at the end of that project we were not in a strong financial position. I planned to continue full time with ClickShake, but I took an opportunity to work at FreshGames directly, and from that time the site has not had much activity except for Ballads 1 releasing on Steam.

    Since then I have never stopped full time game development. I've worked on several games with FreshGames, including Cubis, Escape Alcatraz, Famous Faces. I know work at Max Gaming Studios with Kung Fu Factory and Scopely on WWE: Champions, which released this year and has been very successful! It's been such a great opportunity for me to learn and grow in the games industry. (There were also some unreleased games I worked on too.) I've travelled to Boston, Seattle and Santa Monica (near Los Angeles) for my work in game development, which has been fantastic meeting people from around the country and the world.

    Jay is working on new Visitor games and as mentioned Ballads of Reemus 2. He's got a new cool game studio under Zeebarf.

    I still have plans for ClickShake and so I never wanted to say "goodbye" exactly. I still maintain the site and support customers of our games. Over the years I have started up a couple ClickShake projects which were cancelled, but for my next indie game I have planned and scoped it very intentionally so that it gets finished and released. For those curious about the next project, you can see my progress on it here: https://twitter.com/EntropicOrder. I'm planning to make some more announcements about this new game very soon.


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