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  1. xXincognitoXx says:

    What's your favorite game. It could be 2D, 3D, new, old, and everything else in between ( There really isn't an in-between of 2D and 3D games though- it just souded catchy).

    My Favorite games:
    1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    2. Fire Emblem series
    3. COD: MW2

  2. spookspoon says:

    Well my favs are

    super smash brawl
    tails of symphonia dawn of a new world
    megaman zero 3

  3. Darkroot says:


    1. Wind waker
    2. Thief deadly shadows
    3. Aladdin for the snes


    1. Mario rpg thing for the snes
    2. COD: MW2
    3. Wow

  4. spookspoon says:

    Hey darkroot havent you heard the super mario rpg song?

  5. Darkroot says:

    @spookspoon you made me dig up my past and I found out what was the actually name of the Mario game scarred me for life was Mario missing..............................
    ..........erg. Almost killed gaming for me.

  6. darkbluemullet says:

    Call Of Duty:4 PS3
    Zelda:Ocarina Of Time N64
    Golden Eye N64
    Call Of Duty: MW2
    Manhunt PS2

  7. xXincognitoXx says:

    Oh Yeah I also like the Super Smash Bros. Games

  8. Earl says:

    This may come as a surprise, but my favourite game of all time also happens to be the best game of all time! (What are the odds, eh?)

    That, of course, is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

    (Though Final Fantasy VII is made of awesome-sauce as well. And Mega Man X4 would have to rank pretty high up there)

  9. Darkroot says:

    @Earl Yeah Castlevania is good but then there is dwarf fortress which is better :P.

    @darkbluemullet that's alot of call of duty, too bad that there won't be any more.

  10. darkbluemullet says:

    @Darkroot. Yeah 2 out of 5 might seem a lot but they are epic.

    Also, COD 7 (rumoured to be Vietnam) is to be released in november by Treyarch and MW3 is still be planned ;P

  11. tman140 says:

    Here are mine ( Ive only got a wii and ds )

    1. Cod modern warfare mobilized
    2. The conduit
    3. Super smash bros brawl

  12. jeltevl says:

    Mine Favourites are:

    1 super mario
    2 final fantasy (only play a few of it but they were al cool.)
    3 fire emblem

  13. Darkroot says:

    @darkbluemullet yeah but like 1/5 or about (80% of the people who matter) of the team are gone so I wouldn't be getting too excited if I were you.

  14. spookspoon says:

    HEY I was reading some of the old topics that got lost and found this one. I wanted to make a change on my post but I couldnt. so I'll just write it here.

    I have a new list :D

    1: Fire emblem the path of radiance (the only fire emblem that I have)
    2: SPORE
    3: SSBB
    4: Battlefield 2
    5: Wizard 101

  15. jeltevl says:

    too bad you only have path of radiance.

    the best one was the first fire emblem (in mine opinion) but path of radiance is a better game than its sequel radiance dawn.
    the newest fire emblem shadow dragon is a nice game too but a bit too difficult. It is the only one I couldn't play through on the highest difficulty.

  16. mechingas says:

    mine probaly are:

    call of duty modernwarfare 2

    left 4 dead

    left 4 dead2

    halo reach

    and ddo

  17. spookspoon says:

    yeah I am pretty good at games like those that involve lots of stragety.

  18. redhogan says:

    top 3 all time,

    3, PC GAME,,,, GOTHIC

    4. anything reemus and liam based


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