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  1. spookspoon says:

    so if you could have an extra body part for your monster, which one would it be?

  2. spookspoon says:

    I would like a third arm so that I can make a delightful puppet show :D

  3. DANIEL says:

    i wuold like a spring

  4. mecaboy says:

    a brain :D i like the brains

  5. erix111 says:

    I would like wings. But you know the furry ones that angels has, not the ones bats does ;DDD

  6. SteveCastro says:

    FYI, all the body parts can be individually downloaded from here: They're all grayscale so you'd have to tint them, but you could make your own 80x80 with your own body parts mixed with the defined ones and upload it to

    I'd be pretty curious to see how creative you guys can make your own monsters. :)

  7. spookspoon says:

    woah now THATS cool

  8. spookspoon says:

    but nah my monster is really awesome. IT EVEN HAS ITS OWN COMIC :P

  9. mecaboy says:

    i want to make a monster but i cant who can explain me plz


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