Games by ClickShake / Escape the Titanic - Our first iOS game, now available to download!
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  1. SteveCastro says:

    We can now announce the game we worked on for the last year alongside FreshGames: Escape the Titanic for iOS, now available on the App Store! Featuring 50 unique puzzle levels and hours of game play. You can download it for free, and it's a Universal app (iPhone, iPad and iPod)! The game has been as high as the #4 spot for all apps in the App Store this week, which is very exciting. :)

    We're planning a full site update and press release perhaps by next week.

  2. connah14 says:

    ive just downloaded it and its great!

  3. spookspoon says:

    Nice! It's really good to finally know about that top secret project. But umm...

    There won't be an android version... right?

  4. SteveCastro says:

    We don't know if an Android version is going to happen or not yet. It depends a lot on how it does on iPhone first.

  5. tman140 says:

    I like the game, though I thought the "pay me money to continue" part was a little lame...

  6. SteveCastro says:

    FYI, I worked with FreshGames some more to port Escape the Titanic to Android via GooglePlay and Amazon App Store, and both are out now!

  7. spookspoon says:

    Thanks for the update Steve, I just downloaded it. Its really neat!

  8. spookspoon says:

    I just don't like the fact that you have to pay to play after a few levels, and it isn't mentioned beforehand..


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