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  1. SteveCastro says:

    @Ethan You could tip Paradox Embrace on Kongregate for the price of Ballads and we will use that for your pre-order as long as it isn't anonymous to us. I don't know how well Kred tips can be tracked so I'm not opening this up as a option for everyone, but I'll allow it in this case.

  2. xXincognitoXx says:

    @Ethan I have the same problem!!!

  3. Darkroot says:

    If this was through steam it would be soo much easier. But ohh well maybe someday you guys will get it on there.

    I miss the good old days of just going to the store and buying stuff with cash. No credit card/paypal/security issue stuff. I also miss boxes too.

  4. JayZiebarth says:

    Once the game is actually finished and ready to play, then we can explore every option.

  5. Darkroot says:

    Yeah that would be interesting to see it up there on steam....achievements.

    @JayZiebarth you pre-ordered ballads why did you use my refer a friend link :P jk. Thought I'm curious why you don't just have your own "creator" badge.

  6. Earl says:

    What I find more interesting is that, once the game is out, apparently Jay will be able to play it, and Steve won't. :D

  7. darkbluemullet says:

    ??? Why is that Earl?

  8. ethanrule3 says:

    @Steve Thank you so much for allowing me to do that! I'll get the tip to Paradox within a week!

    @Darkblue are you asking why steve didn't pre-order the game or are you asking how Earl knows that?

  9. ZEROwes says:

    Ok, this topic is kinda getting off topic... I was hoping that it would stay mostly just links, so people wouldnt have to search the whole topic looking for a link to use. could you guys try to keep it on topic for the most part?

  10. Darkroot says:

    @ZEROwes as you can see not many people are here in the forum so the chances of getting refered are pretty low. Most people will just post them on other websites in hope of reaching a bigger audience.

  11. ZEROwes says:

    @Darkroot still, regardless of the trafic here I'd like to keep it as clutter free as possible since the people that will be seeing this are probably the most likely to pre-order their copy

  12. Darkroot says:

    @ZEROwes you do have a point but what happens when people stop posting in this topic and it dies and people don't notice it? I would prefer it staying in the top. Actually scratch that this should be sticked!

  13. tman140 says:

    @JayZiebarth would it be possible for you guys to make a mac version of ballads or maybe a future game you have to buy. i travel a lot and don't always have access to the internet. it would be great to get it on my mac without having to use a program (i.e. boot camp) that would be nice

  14. Darkroot says:

    @tman140 just get the online version then. You can use that everywhere.

    Also tman140 I know you love commenting but if you read the discussion me an ZEROwes had that we should not spam this thread with comments that don't relate.

  15. Earl says:

    "i travel a lot and don't always have access to the internet."
    I'm not sure getting the online version will really solve that problem, darkroot.

    And ZEROwes, I certainly didn't mean to hijack your thread or anything, but it really is still easy for people to find referral links if they want to use them. Since the Ballads icon shows up for those who have it, and doesn't for those who don't (and since the links themselves are bright blue), they stand out pretty well. :)
    Edit: It also might help if people looking for a referral to include the code in their personal profiles. :)

  16. Darkroot says:

    @Earl true it might not but you can download it in your browser beforehand and then play it later I doubt you need constant Internet access to play it.

    I still doubt anyone is going to use the link here. If someone wanted to pay for it on this forum they probably would have by now also this is about the maximum amount of people we will see on this forum. Also I bet the first page is the page that is going to have the most referral link so it won't really matter what pages come after it. In conclusion it doesn't matter.

  17. Earl says:

    I know that some flash games can't be saved and run later (they can be saved, but they try to communicate with the originating server, and thus won't get past the first screen).

    Also... uh... I'm waiting for another paypal transaction to go through my bank before xxincognitoxx gets his preorder as well. So that's two people already who are getting copies thanks to this thread. Two ain't much, but considering the fact that not much advertising (word-of-mouth or otherwise) has really gotten around... not terrible.

  18. Darkroot says:

    @Earl sometimes they don't work but that's not very often.

    Well it's not that this thread helped it more you helped. You got they games for people you knew and liked in this community not because you went to this thread.

  19. JayZiebarth says:

    Just wait until Chapter 4 is released, then you'll see this forum light up.

  20. xXincognitoXx says:

    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!

  21. Darkroot says:

    @JayZiebarth Yeah but only for a while people are mostly just going to ask "how do I x?" "where is x?" Same thing that happened to my website. I made a tutorial for a small favor and bam %2000 increase in activity that died in like a month. Only a few people are going to stick around.

  22. tman140 says:

    i know what you mean darkroot

  23. xXincognitoXx says:

    Dude, don't be so negative.

    The games are great.
    Even IF a game soon loses its popularity, Jay and Steve just pump out another game.

  24. Darkroot says:

    @xXincognitoXx I'm not being negative i'm only saying what will happen. Only loyal fans will stick around everyone else will move on.

  25. ZEROwes says:

    Darkroot has a point. Chances are the ppl you see here right now are gonna be the ones around a month after the game has been released... maybe a few more ppl that didnt know about the forum now, but his scenario is a pretty likely possibility.

  26. tman140 says:

    i once had a small "game" on newgrounds (its removed now) there was one level everyone was asking for help on. i released a walk through and it dropped from 10-20 comments a day to 1-2 comments a month.

    game is in quotes because it was pretty small. it was more of a five min. 4 level thing

  27. ethanrule3 says:

    @Steve Just to make sure and to avoid confustion, 100 kreds is $10, correct?


    @tman why is it removed? I'd like to play it!

    @darkroot I don't think so. There are people like you, me, Earl, ZERO, incognito, that will stay in the Clickshake forums as long as they exist.

  28. Darkroot says:

    @ethanrule3 False, The 5+ of us represent a REALLY small fraction of people who will stay on the forum. We might get like a few extra members that will stay but most of the people will be gone within a week of the full release.

    Huh Kreds....this gives me an idea you can get Kreds on Kongregate for free by doing their surveys therefore you could technically get Ballads for free. But Steve and Jay only said one exception, so nvm.

  29. SteveCastro says:

    Ethan, yes, currently 100 Kreds is worth $10.

  30. tman140 says:

    @ethanrule3 I removed it because someone hijacked my account and messed it up. it was removed by whoever did it. I think the game is on my computer somewhere.

    Aw man, It isn't. it must have still been on my pc. stupid file transfer thingy

    also jay/steve I pre ordered the ballads game. i finished completing the billing stuff. sent it in, and realized that i wasn't signed in. is there any way you can fix that?

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