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  1. SteveCastro says:

    We just announced our new detective mystery game in development here:

    What do you guys think? I know there's not way too many details released just yet, but even with the initial art and descriptions, I'd love to get your feedback, gut reactions, hopes, dreams, etc. for the project.

  2. jcomp19 says:

    I see that this was posted a month ago, but yet no one has responded directly to it; my apologies. As for my thought on the game: I'm not usually the biggest fan of multiplayer experience because it requires that I go through a lot of pre-planning and interaction with other people to play the game together - not really my cup of tea. However, I will still probably have to play this game despite that because there's a lot of heart in ClickShake games and I know I'll enjoy it. Additionally, I'm happy to see things up and running again. Keep up the good work! My biggest suggestion for the game would be to implement those ClickShake Rewards into some portion of the game; some of them look like they'll function nicely as clue of some sort. I can see where you stand if you wanted this game to be separate from the game universe, but I'm just throwing out some food for thought.

  3. SteveCastro says:

    Hi jcomp. The game will be for 1-4 players so you can play by yourself, but my goal is to encourage people to play together if possible.

    I'm happy to have things up and running again too! I've been trying to get a new CSG project off the ground for years now so it's nice this one is actually going forward.

    I will most likely implement ClickShake Rewards in this game. I'll have to make a new implementation in HTML5 since our old one is in Flash, but it should actually be easier to make this way.

    I don't consider this game separate from our other games. I plan to have interesting, colorful characters and a campaign story mode and mind-engaging puzzles, so I hope it fits in with the rest of our catalog. It is a puzzle game rather than a point and click adventure game, so it's a new direction that I hope people enjoy.

    We showed the game at GDEX 2017 in Columbus, Ohio and the feedback was very positive, so we're really excited about the potential for this.


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