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  1. spookspoon says:

    I have only heard the game's name, but have no idea what it is. (I know its a game, but what type of game is it?)

  2. Bopoo says:

    Its like online multiplayer game.

  3. spookspoon says:

    I wanna go visit australia... But I cant even go to USA. D:

  4. beewyka says:

    spookspoon how do you go online in super smash brothers brawl? (I always be Kirby or this guy right above Ike).

  5. beewyka says:

    woah Steve you made your account on January 28th? THATS MY BROS BIRTHDAY!

  6. beewyka says:

    im srry about the first pg. I ment to show this (*L_*) notice the mouth this time?

  7. iggypop521 says:

    Wow, one month since anyone posted here?Better change that!

  8. connah14 says:


  9. erix111 says:

    WOW I cant believe it, almost a year and a half back I created this topic... and it has the biggest post count and it's still growing ! Anyways just remembered this site and wanted to wish marry christmas and happy new year ! Also I just noticed that I have The Ballads of reemus pre-ordered, wow talk about christmas miracles :) So wen is the game coming out ?

  10. darkbluemullet says:

    Very, very soon!

  11. jeltevl says:

    maybe this year and if not probably at early januari.

  12. JayZiebarth says:

    Steve is burning the midnight oil trying to get this thing out before the end of the year.

  13. iggypop521 says:

    I has no idea where to post this, so I thought I'd post it here :P

    Was there a person Reemus was modelled after?Did you guys (Jay and Steve) base him off of someone, or was he just a random/thought out creation?

    Ps.Maybe you guys should set up a gift system for Ballads?Like for a referral, but only for the people who didn't when they bought the game.Steve helped me with doing this[Thanks again Steve :)], so maybe you could set one up?Only one for each acccount though XD!

  14. spookspoon says:

    Hey guys, I recently created my own wordpress page.

    Im having some problems getting the page known, and thus dont have a considerable amount of viewers. My page offers art made by me, interesting flash submissions (not made by me) and a forum (still in the making), so Id really apreciate it if you could pay my page a visit and comment or make suggestions. I know Im missing:

    1- a contact me page
    2- a Click shake games thread on the games forum.

    I really want this page to be... viewable.

  15. GREAT1 says:

    guys i also have a wordpress page but since it is in spanish i dont want to waste your time D:

  16. Logan says:

    TOP 3 Games:
    1.COD MW2
    2.Battlefield 3
    3.Fallout New Vegas

    NOTE:Skyrim is such an awesome game that i would say it is above my top 3

  17. spookspoon says:

    Thanks for all the great feedback guys, I really appreciate it, it helped me a lot. (sarcasm at its fullest)

    not that i'm forcing you or anything, But wouldn't you gift me some 10 minutes of your 90 years of life to my page? and please, try browsing something that's not my art, because since I have only launched it recently I don't have much to show on my gallery. Maybe you can find a topic that catches your attention on the forum, or suggest new and interesting topics. Perhaps you may have a laugh or two wathcing my favorite flash videos. And, what if I sweetened it all by saying I'm currectly working on a reemus fanart? (Which I'll also send to steve)

    One final thing, If you want to send me a private message, you can type it on the little meebo window on the left.

    I hope this post wasn't annoying to you.

    In case its unpleasant for you to scroll above to find the link to my page,

  18. Rouge says:

    Wow that's actually a really nice and organized website, hope it becomes successful!

    Good luck!

  19. spookspoon says:

    Thanks, I do want to make it look nice. I mainly created the page to submit my drawings there instead of deviant. I don't like deviant.

  20. Logan says:

    @SpookSpoon your work of art is awesome but its kinda creepy that you draw just women and with such big b**bs. i thing that it would be awesome if you draw reemus and liam or something like that.
    P.S i liked the flash submissions

  21. spookspoon says:

    @Logan, yeah, perhaps it looks that way. I am currently working on male sketches, but in the past, whenever I started to do that, I suddenly grabbed inspiration for drawing a girl instead. I'll make sure that doesn't happen so often now :D

  22. Logan says:

    @SpookSpoon thank you so much, for taking it in consideration cuz you know that there are little kids tht visit the forum like Beefsnarf....etc.

  23. beefsnarf123 says:

    wow i am not little logan

  24. Logan says:

    How old are you beefsnarf, cuz i'm 18 and i believe that is not very suitable for children under the age of 11.

  25. Logan says:

    wuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! almost reach post 1000

  26. Logan says:

    wuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! almost reach post 1000

  27. beefsnarf123 says:

    i am 13

  28. BillNyeTheScienceGuy says:

    My ass has finally decided to, eat, my, hand!*Crunch* It hungers... FOR MORE!

  29. spookspoon says:

    I've been meaning to ask for a while now. Whos a brony here? :D Or has all that hype for "that" not spread as far as I thought?

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