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  1. darkbluemullet says:

    Or perhaps 29 pages is the limit for one topic?

  2. darkbluemullet says:

    ............. It's fixed.......... spooky........ Steve!

  3. spookspoon says:

    I just hope it doesnt happen again on this page.

  4. LMFAO says:

    are you saying that this page's server actually crashed

  5. SteveCastro says:

    What problem?

  6. spookspoon says:

    ah, page 29 is fixed. nice work steve.

  7. beefsnarf123 says:

    Ok guys i have a Big announcement about The Many Quests of Joe on my parents labtop it took 3 or 4 days from sketches to lots of work i have finished my first scene from The Many Quests of Joe prologue Plot of the horn bees i will try to get it up soon

    PS: When i am older i will be ONLY making online games and maybe some premium games and The Many Quests of Joe will be my only game with the name Joe so yeah i will also be updating the info and some other stuff because i made some changes i will probably make a new form about or something more soon :D

  8. spookspoon says:

    anybody ever seen the sprite series in newgrounds called super mario bros Z?

  9. mechingas says:

    me, its kind of violent

  10. spookspoon says:

    its not THAT violent. its actually not very violent to be on the top 50.

  11. LMFAO says:

    spam no.1

  12. mechingas says:

    does anybody knows about a game for i pod touch or i phone called smurfs village?

  13. beewyka says:

    guys I was reading the 3rd page of this forum and saw "The Only In America" thing and I have one. here it is. "only in America.... Do we have states." and I have MW2 and today (August 3 2011) (which is like a year from when Jay and Steve (and on said Steve was in a patch of poison ivy, poor steve :( i feel bad)said that members were almost gunnu be able to play chapter 4 and still can't) I got Annihalation map pack on Black ops which includes 4 multiplayer maps (Silo, Hanger 18, Drive in, and Hazard) and 1 zombie map (has a strange name so if someone has Annihalation please tell me what its called.)

  14. nameksun24680 says:

    hello, im new in here but i already have played reemus for a long time, i used to play it on newgrounds(a really nice page full of awsome games) until i saw that a new chapter of reemus was coming. i really wanted to play it but i did not knew where to get it. i saw that the game got his page so i visit it and i try to find where i can buy reemus new chapter (chapter 4) i notice that there was a forum, i try to post but you need an i create an account i notice that the topics where full of comedy and really intrestings facts especialy this one. well anyways my question is still being: where do you get reemus chapter 4!!

    long story huh.

    btw. jay and steve, are you really the ones who created the ballads of reemus?

  15. beefsnarf123 says:

    Hello nameksun24680 welcome to clickshake the thing about Reemus 4 its done its just that you can play it now if you pre order ballads but if you cant you have to wait till ballads is done but if your willing to pay you can play chapter 4 on the playbook and yes Jay and Steve are the ones making it.

  16. Bopoo says:

    Tomorrow is my birthday!!!

  17. beefsnarf123 says:

    Happy almost birthday Bopoo.

  18. xXincognitoXx says:

    I just looked at when I made my account (within the first week of the site) and noticed that it has already been a year and five months.....dang.

  19. DarkKnight says:

    This thread is huge, i started to work my though it but gave up after page 11!

    Anyway... I have a pretty random question which i would like answered reading the last post. I'm assuming clickshake accounts haven't been on this website the whole time so when was this website made, when did steve and jay join and how long have you all been members (for me it has been two days)?

  20. Dalkiel says:

    I don't know when the site was created, but I do believe Jay and Steve first got together for the Newgrounds' Power of Three 2009 event where they collaborated on Paradox Embrace. From there I assume a partnership formed, and eventually ClickShake games was created.

    I've been a member since October 2010.

  21. connah14 says:

    888==888==888==8888==88==888888==888==8888888888888==888 8888=====8888==8888==88==888888==888======8888======8888

  22. connah14 says:

    Member since 04/08/2010

  23. connah14 says:

    1 year and 2 weeks since i created my acount on ClickShake games

  24. jeltevl says:

    1 year and 4 months here

  25. DarkKnight says:

    Cool! Thanks for answering everyone!
    That is awesome connah, how long did it take to do that!

  26. connah14 says:

    i shouldnt really take credit for it , a player, on the 1st page of this topic 1st did it . im a cheat and c+p it to post . Thanks anyway

  27. SteveCastro says:

    ClickShake Games was created in January 2010. My account was created on 1/28/2010.

    @nameksun24680 - Jay is the creator of Reemus, and he and I have made the last 2 Reemus games (Ch4 and Ballads) under ClickShake Games.

    If you want to play Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4 right now, you can purchase the Ballads of Reemus pre-order and you'll be able to play Ch4 instantly and Ballads once it comes out. Contact us via the link in the page footer if you need more help.

  28. connah14 says:

    sorry for keeping posting on threads

  29. spookspoon says:

    I've been here as long as jeltevl. and how was jay able to do the prologue, chp 1, 2, and 3 on his own?

  30. connah14 says:

    with gut and determination , think steve helped him. or is that only with chapter 4 and the ballads of remmus ?

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