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  1. darkbluemullet says:

    Your a good guy Earl!

  2. tman140 says:

    darkroot better see that.

  3. jeltevl says:

    I have already buy it otherwise I had try to get it from Earl.

    I must say earl is a nice guy.

  4. xXincognitoXx says:


    You have already bought mine, and darkbluemullet's and your going to add 1-2 more. Give this guy a medal.

  5. xXincognitoXx says:

    Hey Steve/Jay how many pre-orders are there so far?

  6. Earl says:

    It isn't exactly a great sum of casholas. :)

    And ditto on the question. I'd be curious to know how many there have been as well. :)

  7. Darkroot says:

    I think it would be the amount of memebers who bought the game minus the referal links that were used so probably about 7+ (inticipates answer to see if i'm right).

  8. Earl says:

    My guess (entirely yanked out of my head) is about... a dozen.
    Mind you, I consider those from referral links as being preorders; in that they represent people who are entitled to the game when it is released.

  9. xXincognitoXx says:

    I don't know (thinking)...there are 424 members on the site so I will go with....... about 62. ( My guess)

    Okay everybody guess before we are told the answer. The closest number wins. :D

  10. ethanrule3 says:

    I say 25 (yes, completely random.)

  11. Darkroot says:

    @xXincognitoXx isn't that the amount of facebook fans not members?

    Yeah whoever wins get a cookie shaped like Liam.

  12. tman140 says:


    estimated (sort of)

    what about reemus?

  13. Darkroot says:

    @tman140 Reemus cookie? I don't know Liam seems like more cookie material he is rounder and is purple.

  14. Earl says:

    (remembering that this is a general chat thread, and thus by extension also a general gripe thread)

    I still haven't decided which topics to cover next week. I have it narrowed down to Splay trees and Heaps (leaning towards those two), or B+Trees.
    It wouldn't be so bad if I'd actually used any of these things more recently than... 8 years ago? Something like that. Ah well. At least it's a good textbook (and that's bloody rare for comp sci).

  15. SteveCastro says:

    @darkroot We now have more members on the site than fans on facebook, so we're getting a lot of people coming in to the site. Also, I'd like a Liam cookie if someone is baking!

    @Earl Wow, you really are a nice guy. :)

    I hadn't actually heard of those data structures by name before. We had to write our own linked list class but most of my college classes were more broad strokes teaching general concepts about networking and programming syntax in different languages. I think the language we spent the most time on was SQL followed by C/C++. Oh well, at least I can look up the ones you mentioned on wikipedia and I have a good enough foundation to understand it once I read it. I feel so spoiled using Flash which is more about time to production than it is about heavy optimization. Although, my experience with enterprise business software wasn't all that different. I guess the average programmer isn't working at Google and pushing the limits of computing power. :)

    What classes do you teach?

    BTW, we're not releasing any sales numbers right now, but it's much more than a dozen. :)

  16. Earl says:

    Well, Brock is under a hiring freeze, so I'm doing what's known as "sessional" instructing (ie. they post contracts for individual courses that need teaching). Last one I did was Prolog. Currently I'm doing advanced data structures and algorithms in java.

    My education was mostly theoretical stuff, with very little useful knowledge of networking or databases (eg. I did some Oracle work, but that's about it). I've had to pick up a lot of stuff either working on websites for friends or as a teaching assistant for 'applied computing' courses. :)

  17. tman140 says:

    ummm..... what????

    dont answer that

  18. xXincognitoXx says:

    So... You teach classes on Flash...I couldn't make anything out about what was posted above.

  19. tman140 says:

    oh ok.... POTATOES!!!!!

  20. xXincognitoXx says:

    Hey we are both online at the same time Tman140!

  21. tman140 says:


  22. tman140 says:

    we are?

  23. tman140 says:

    brother is sick,

    hes watchin flapjack

  24. xXincognitoXx says:

    Yeah that show is kinda wierd.

  25. tman140 says:

    he sings. go to youtube and search tyrone tempoes, go away little girl

  26. tman140 says:

    yeah,... wait, you mean the video

  27. tman140 says:

    cause it was funny

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