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  1. Earl says:

    Heh... heh... Did I say "weirdos"? I mean, uh... ...

    Nah. I meant weirdos. :D (In the best possible way, though)

  2. JayZiebarth says:

    I'm ready to rock you Earl.

  3. Darkroot says:

    Shouldn't you at this point have an idea of when you will be done? I've been anticipating for about 2 months now and now I'm just tired and would rather not be checking the site every 4 hours :P.

    Also I'm surprised you don't talk about the game/storyline/characters/random rabblings about the universe in general. Reminds me of the swain http://theswain.com/ in which he disappearing for great lengths of time and not bothering to maintain his site much. We are like goldfish you don't ask for much but if you give use nothing well will eventually die off and sink to the bottom to rot for all of eternity (I don't know I'm just bored).

    On a side note what is your opinion of crazy people. Or someone that doesn't bend to society's normality.

  4. JayZiebarth says:

    I do what I can but art/design/writing/1 year old son/wife/band = not much time for random rabblings. You'll have to evolve to camels and store whatever juicy goodness we throw your way in your hump for the long dry periods.

  5. darkbluemullet says:

    Band? Details please!!!!

    A screen shot would whet our appetite for a while....

  6. JayZiebarth says:

    Band - http://www.sonsofbutcher.com

    screenshot? no need. You'll be playing Chp.4 very soon.

  7. darkbluemullet says:

    Ha ha. Not so big over here (UK) but I liked "Fucked The Shit" a lot. I'm away to do some googe detective work.

    A spandex clad, bass playing, flash game developer!! Not many people can lay claim to that! :)

  8. Earl says:

    I'm not commenting on the band. :)
    I tried twice and both times ended up as the long rambling fangirl-esque gushitudeness that one might expect from a teenaged girl going nuts over.. uh.. twilight? (what do young people like these days? that)

    Sufficed to say, I'm rather fond of SoB.

  9. Darkroot says:

    Young people like these days are most likely.

    Teenage girls: Justin Bieber

    Teenage boys: Modern warfare 2

    Thought I'm glad that my taste in music doesn't lie in mainstream culture or the hundreds of indie bands everyone claims to be the best.

  10. darkbluemullet says:

    So what bands do you like then?

  11. Darkroot says:

    Lol, it's funny you assume that I even like anything in the last two centurys.

  12. tman140 says:

    hahaha check out bugnogmusic.com or youtube search bugnog music... Guess who it is!

  13. JayZiebarth says:

    are you telling me in two centuries there hasn't been a song you've liked?

  14. darkbluemullet says:

    @Darkroot, do you feel silly? You really meant to say decades didn't you?

  15. Darkroot says:

    @JayZiebarth I only tolerate or accept modern music.

    @darkbluemullet No I don't and what can I say i'm very partial to ancient-1800 century music,culture and weapons.

  16. darkbluemullet says:

    @Darkroot.... You scare me. Please tell give me a list of the music and the WEAPONS from the 1800's that you are into??

    Also, please guide me to a website or something where you discuss or listen to/view these things....

    Finally, what is it about music and weapons from 1901 that you hate from that year in paticular?

  17. Darkroot says:

    I won't tell give(I assume you mean tell/give) you an entire list but a small section mostly (shaolin/ancient Egyptian weaponry).

    Shaolin Fork
    Twin hook swords (my person favourite exotic sword)
    Tapered wax bow staff
    9 ring broadsword
    Bow (I prefer composite for obvious reasons)
    Ancient Egyptain Spear

    I won't bother putting music up here but I do have all the "Classics" and 4 other types of music that apparently would not be treated kindly here.

    I have many sources for the music youtube has almost everything but since they 10 min max video restrictions it's become harder to find. But I downloaded all of them before from youtube. Also I just mostly have to put the "artists" name in google and I will eventually find a link to an entire collection. I don't discuss these things because I like to spend my days away on a hundred of mostly badly handled forums. I don't need confirmation from other people in order to pursue my hobbies.

    It's a preference, why do you like guns so much? I like to think that older weaponry required more skill and were better made than modern weaponry. I won't argue that modern weaponry is more efficient.

    Also does anyone know what newish games that are unopened generally go for? I got a couple from play testing and I don't really want them.

  18. dominate330 says:

    I would say probably about 30-60% of their original value depending on how popular the game was. So maybe like $10 on average.

  19. Darkroot says:

    Really that little? I would be expecting that price from a used game not a totally sealed of unused game. But I did hear of one person that wanted to sell it and they peeled of the wrapping and opened it up and sold it as used.

  20. Earl says:

    It'll depend at least somewhat on how you try to sell it.
    For example, if you try selling to someone that will, in turn, resell it, then you'll get a terrible deal (after all, they need to make a profit on it).
    If you try craigslist/kijiji, you might get a slightly better deal.
    But, remember, it's still barely better than a used game to the average buyer.

    Think about what you would expect to pay if buying from "some guy". Would you really shell out 40-60 bucks for a game that "some guy" assured you was new and good?

    Obviously your bargaining skills will play a factor, but $10-$20 sounds about right.

  21. darkbluemullet says:

    @Darkroot. This isn't personal but you really do seem to have an attitude problem.

    You said: "I don't discuss these things because I like to spend my days away on a hundred of mostly badly handled forums. I don't need confirmation from other people in order to pursue my hobbies."... Then why are you here, bothering to type?

    You Said: "It's a preference, why do you like guns so much?"... Who? Me? When? I worry about anyone who "likes" weapons!

    Can you tell me some of these "Artists" from the 1800's and what exactly is bad about music in the last 2 centuries?

    Just asking and I await you pleasant response old boy.

  22. Darkroot says:


    I'll see what I can get for a one month old popular game. I'll probably go for about %60 of original value on creiglist.


    Huh, I wrote a long article and it didn't seem to be posted. Sigh... I guess I'll just write a shorter one.

    A lot of forums are bad, have huge signatures ridiculous amounts of inappropriate content, no moderators, too many ads and alot of spammers and trolls. I am here because Jay invited me here to discuss the problems I had with chapter 4 beta. I later found I liked the minimalistic style of this forum.

    Well you seem to be a COD enthusiast with link to your own COD "website". Also COD is a modern first person shooter and why would anyone play a fps if they didn't like guns. It just seemed to logically follow I'm sorry if my assumption is wrong. I do not understand your last sentence. A weapon is just a tool most people are actually fascinated by the exoticness of the said weapon or the make and possibly the form. I don't know many people who just like weapons because they are sharp and can shoot stuff.

    Bach http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6yuR8efotI
    Franz Schubert
    Ludwig van Beethoven
    Antonio Salieri

    It's a matter of preference and it's hard to explain. I never said anything was bad, I cannot consciously make a decision on other tastes. It's just I don't like it. It's probably a multitude of factors that combine into my dislike of modern music.

    Old boy? lol, youngster

  23. Earl says:

    Yeah... I don't think there's much point in getting into a big argument over the point in making broad declarations about your taste in things just to follow it with "but I'm not going to talk about that." :)

    However, in all fairness, though I find his taste in weapons to be a bit... uh... odd...
    there's nothing generally wrong with having a fondness for weapons.

    I, myself, am fond of damascus steel (used almost exclusively in blades, but it's very purdy metal!). More basically, there's nothing wrong with having an affinity for certain weapons or tools more than liking certain kinds of cars. One can like weapons without necessarily liking killing. :)

    (Unrelated, but for reference, SoB, a band less than two hundred years old, can make your head explode through sheer intensity of rock awesomeness. Just sayin')

  24. Darkroot says:

    Lol you assume I drool over weapon catalogues and have a collection of sharp thingy.
    I just wanted to emphasize that I prefers older weapons over modern weapons. Doesn't mean I love weapons. The only weapon like thing I have is my wooden tai-chi sword.

    I yotubed SoB listend to the music....lol then watched the show..... super lol. Last time I've seen anything so random it came from either 4chan or encyclopedia dramatica.

  25. SteveCastro says:

    Fun little Flash bug I had to workaround with Ch4:

  26. darkbluemullet says:

    I don't think I have ever heard a Dev describe a bug as fun lol. Any more info btw? Dates, etc? Can't wait!!

  27. spookspoon says:

    come on you want him to finish dont you? then let him finish.

  28. jeltevl says:

    so how is the progress now.

  29. JayZiebarth says:

    Let's just say next week will start off with a bang...

  30. darkbluemullet says:

    I'll hold you to that.........................

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