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  1. JayZiebarth says:

    All puzzle artwork/animation for Chapter 4 is now complete. I'm finishing up the last bit of dialogue and the intro screen right now, I should be completely finished by tomorrow and starting work on Ballads on Monday!

    Steve is already hard at work programming the game, so things are moving along nicely.

    Overall it took me longer than I expected but that's because I ended up doing a lot of extra animation. I'm pretty happy with it and can't wait to see it all put together.

    I'm unbelievably pumped to be moving onto Ballads now. I'll keep you posted on its progress!

  2. xXincognitoXx says:

    WOW I wasn't expecting it to be done so early.

  3. ethanrule3 says:


    So is there a release date yet?

  4. jeltevl says:

    This is super good news.
    I can not wait too play chapter 4.

  5. darkbluemullet says:

    Wow.........a game by Jay set to be released on time..........lol just joking.

  6. tman140 says:

    @darkbluemullet thats mean, jk. anyways i need to know when it comes out

  7. ZEROwes says:

    COOL!! time stamp says this was 23hours ago...
    *waits for Chapter 4*
    and i'm guessing those that have pre-ordered ballads will be getting an email?

  8. tman140 says:

    please be here please be here please be here.... (continues 35 more times)

    @JayZiebarth will it be posted to the ballads pre order people soon then?

  9. JayZiebarth says:

    I said I was done my part, I make no claims as to when it'll be fully programmed and playable.

    I'm moving on to Ballads, but Steve is still hammering away on Chapter 4.

  10. tman140 says:

    oh... ok

  11. beefsnarf123 says:

    hi jay its me isaiah from facebook

  12. jeltevl says:

    Is there already some new info about ch4?

  13. Darkroot says:

    Post some screens or something to keep use from blowing up into kittens that barf glittery pieces of reemus and liam.

  14. durham2002 says:

    i cant play the ballads of reemus but i pre-orderd it

  15. SteveCastro says:

    @durham Welcome to the site! Ballads of Reemus is currently in development and is planned to be released this summer. The pre-orders are for ordering your copy prior to the game's release date. By pre-ordering, you'll get the first chance to play it before it goes on sale in general.

    I've just sent an email out to all the pre-orders we received. If you have any questions or concerns about the pre-order, please reply to that email or use the contact us link at the bottom of our site to get in touch with us.

  16. ethanrule3 says:

    @Steve Hi, glad to see you're not too busy working to talk with us fans.

    Can you give us any inkling of an approximate time when Chapter 4 will be released, possibly?

    Thanks so much.

  17. SteveCastro says:

    Possibly next week.

  18. tman140 says:

    (gasp) NEXT WEEK!!!

  19. xXincognitoXx says:

    Holy ****

  20. Darkroot says:

    ^very much so in _____ so then take ____ into _____ throught ___ hammer ____ ____ ____ pine trees.

    *Explodes into little kittens that start barfing red Reemus and purple Liam glitter bits that slowly fall onto the ground. No kittens were harmed in this glitter natural disaster.*

  21. ZEROwes says:

    umm... i havent received any email, i'm not entirely sure if i might have accidentally deleted it if it showed up in my spam (dont see why it would be there anyways)

  22. SteveCastro says:

    @zero I meant I sent the first confirmation email to the recent pre-orderers. It's the same one you should have gotten a while ago. Sorry for the confusion.

  23. Darkroot says:

    @SteveCastro foams at mouth waiting for screens or something to bide me for the next week.

  24. ZEROwes says:

    ahh... that definitely makes more sense now

  25. jeltevl says:

    Steve the next week has started. Do you know more yet?

  26. xXincognitoXx says:

    the post still says 5 days ago, so we still have a few days.

  27. tman140 says:

    today or twomarrow or the next or the next !

  28. tman140 says:

    how much longer steve

  29. jeltevl says:

    Do you already know when ch 4 comes.

    And does it comes this week or must we wait a while longer?

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