Ballads of Reemus & Several Journeys / Bug in "Ballads Of Reemus : When The Bed Bites"?
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  1. keblen says:


    Just to report a possible unexpected bug. I was playing a thousandth time at this game and it appears that, this time, The market seller didn't want to take my wheat to change it into flour. And this, even if I finished to collect all the other ingredients. Did I miss something or is it really a bug? Normally, I can do it by heart, so I'm quite sure that I didn't do anything different than usual. In fact, it reminds me that it's the second time it happened since I play to this game. So it's very rare. But it's here. Did you ever experienced that?

  2. SteveCastro says:

    Hmmm, never heard of that happening.

    If you can tell me exactly what happens, step by step exactly everything you see, I may be able to track down what's going on.

    I especially need everything that's said and everything the people do.

    Are you playing the downloadable or the online version?

  3. keblen says:

    Surprisingly, after quiting the game yesterday and replayed it today, the market seller finally wanted to take the wheat.

    And I'm playing the online version on a mac.

    I gonna retry with all the same actions I did (at least all that I can remember) to inform you more if it appears again.

    More or less, I got all the other ingredients, I also did the quest of the seagull. So now i'm at the stand of the seller, with my wheat. I click on the wheat on the inventory and I click on the seller with it. He says thing like "let's stick to the ingredients i got, will you?". So I try to click on the pressing machine with the wheat, and the seller replies the same phrase.

    Since it worked today just after reloading the game on the web, maybe I just had to wait a little, but when i was stuck yesterday, I tried several time to get out and coming back again to the market, waiting by speaking with other characters, during a while.

    I'll let you know

  4. keblen says:

    So, after replaying it, the bug didn't appeared.

    I just noticed that the sentence that the seller told me after proposing him the wheat (in my bug), was the same that when I propose him the stone : "let's stick to the edible items, shall we sir?"

    I tried with several ways, after collecting just one item, after two, three, untill all of them, but it did not reappeared.

    It seems weird but I was not hallucating, there really was a bug.

  5. SteveCastro says:

    Hmm, strange... That line is for windchimes,stone,picklejark,glass but should never happen for wheat. I wonder if somehow something was corrupt in the play session and it wasn't recognizing it as wheat at all.

    Generally I consider the downloadable more stable because it uses a specific Flash player, whereas Flash versions in the browser can change and have different behaviors sometimes. I guess if reloading the game clears it that's good news at least!


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