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  1. beefsnarf123 says:

    Want a free poptropica account with 3 pages of cool items 75 credits enough to buy a costume cool items from ads and most islands complete except 3 or 4 a sidekick and more it can all be yours in 3 easy steps that uses REFER A FRIEND

    1:Use this link

    2:After you click this link pick the online option so i can get the same options

    3:Who ever has a heart of gold big enough to do this for me so i can get a free copy since my parents wont pay with credit card
    tell me who you are give me your email and i will email you may username and password please and thank you :)

  2. spookspoon says:

    your really desperate for that game arent you?

  3. beefsnarf123 says:

    yes man

  4. Fingie says:

    I might be getting it but i am worried about putting credit card details over the internet and i'm not too sure about the posting the money and how that works (like what infomation do you put with your money)!

  5. beefsnarf123 says:

    fingie tough choice my mom says she wont pay because people can buy alot of stuff with your credit card number and it will be filed under the owners credit card and you cant sue them since we give them permision to use the money so we can pay for the thing we want

  6. Earl says:

    You do realize many online purchases (including Ballads) can be done through Paypal, right?
    And that PayPal's a pretty well-established service, owned by eBay?

  7. JayZiebarth says:

    You can also link your paypal directly to your bank account, so no credit card details are ever given out.


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