Ballads of Reemus & Several Journeys / Ballads of Reemus downloadable demo - version 1.0.4 updates
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  1. SteveCastro says:

    Ballads of Reemus 1.0.4 has the following features:

    * The game was designed to be played in high resolution, so we now default to full-screen mode, and the main menu has a quit button so you can exit the game without leaving full screen. The windowed mode also defaults to a higher resolution.
    * Introducing the Ballads of Reemus downloadable demo. Now you can test the game installed on your Windows computer before you buy it. Also linked from the online demo page.
    * Both the downloadable demo and the updated downloadable full version use installers now, which add shortcuts to your program files, and includes an easy-to-use uninstall option.
    * With the new downloadable demo, you can resume your progress from the demo when you upgrade to the full version.
    * Some performance improvements and minor fixes.

    While these updates apply to the downloadable Windows version, remember that the game is also available for Mac and Linux in your browser. :)

  2. Earl says:

    Rather spiffy! :)

  3. rhcooper says:

    Are you gonna send out new CDs as well? ;) :P


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