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  1. SteveCastro says:

    Reemus is getting a new full-length sequel if it gets enough support!

  2. jeltevl says:

    I have backed 45 cad already.
    I really hope that the 15K will be reached.

  3. jeltevl says:

    tom fulp mentioned it on newgrounds
    hopefully it will helps a lot.

  4. tman140 says:

    Backed $25 CAD. Really hoping this one makes it through, I am excited about it as the last one was great (and I really want the soundtrack!). Hopefully it wont pull an "A small favor" and go belly up.

    A little off topic, but anything new with Small Favor? Or have you guys put it on the back burner for now?

  5. tman140 says:

    Congrats on the successful kickstarter!

  6. beefsnarf123 says:

    Can Not Wait


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