Ballads of Reemus & Several Journeys / Ballads Achievements and Rewards Preview
  1. SteveCastro says:

    Here's a little sneak peak bit of info about the game.

    There are 8 in-game achievements, most of them involving side quests. One of them is an on-going quest that involves the entire game. :)

    As for ClickShake Rewards, I'm putting together 10 total! Yippee!

  2. connah14 says:

    woo , you out do your self sometimes steve and this is one of those times

  3. SteveCastro says:

    I added a neat thing to that shows how many users have earned achievements, and the last 20 achievements that were earned, by whom and in which game.

  4. ethanrule3 says:

    I just went to check that out, and I noticed that the reward in Massacre at Camp Happy has a typo. It says to "eat all campers without dieing" which should be "dying." Just something I noticed.

    Any news on if the rewards we've unlocked will come into play in Ballads?

  5. SteveCastro says:

    Typo should be fixed. Currently none of the rewards will be usable in Ballads. We are still planning to fit that concept in somewhere but it didn't make the cut this time around.

  6. Green123 says:

    Ballads have achievements?

  7. jeltevl says:

    woot only 5 hours left.

  8. Scoat says:

    Oh, I think I misread you. When you said the link showed how many users had earned achievements, I was thinking of something like how Steam shows what percentage of users had earned specific achievements.

    Would you consider adding that at all? It makes things pretty interesting, knowing which achievements are the rarest/hardest to get.


  9. SteveCastro says:

    Maybe I'll make a top 10 rarest achievements feature, sorted by the fewest number of people who have it.

  10. Scoat says:

    Sounds good! And loving some of those achievement names!

  11. spookspoon says:

    woah, earl won a ballads acheivment and the game hasnt even been launched. steve, nice implemmentation on who recently got an acheivement :)

  12. jeltevl says:

    i have 5 out of 10 achievements now. now time to look for the other 5.

  13. tobythebookfiend says:

    Have 7 out of 10. Can't figure out where to get the three in game ones: Catipillar, Buttterfly, or Seagull. Only two more bed bugs to find, guess their in Concrete scene but still no luck.

  14. hobgoblin says:

    I've got all achievements except the Ballad of the Butterfly, still looking for that one.

    When I got the Seagull achievement, I didn't get the reward for it, which is a bit annoying, but hopefully it should be fixed soon.

    Great game all in all.

  15. tobythebookfiend says:

    where do you find caterpillar and seagull? And where are the last two bugs in Concrete?

  16. hobgoblin says:

    Just nabbed the Butterfly achievement.

    Caterpillar is in the Construction chapter and the Seagull is in the Town of Fredricus chapter, I'm not saying more than that. As for the bugs, what chapter are you missing bugs from? Check on the Scene Select screen.

  17. tobythebookfiend says:

    Congrats, hob, on the butterfly! Only missing 2 bugs and the scene selections only show me missing them from Construction but I can't find them anywhere. Thanks for the other info.

  18. jeltevl says:

    still missing butterfly and seagul but i am looking for those two.

  19. tobythebookfiend says:

    jeltevl, seagull has something to do with the a dead bird. how do i find caterpillar? Construction chapter is my bane! ;-)

  20. jeltevl says:

    ha ha that chapter is not yours is it. :P

    But let say he is hiding because he have some troubles with the wind.

  21. jeltevl says:

    woot i have all achievements now.

  22. tobythebookfiend says:

    I have every achievement but butterfly. Somebody got a hint for me?

  23. jeltevl says:

    i can't really think of a good hint that doesn't spoil everything.

    The only thing I can think of saying is that you can find the butterfly after the catterpillar event.

  24. iggypop521 says:

    Does anyone have any hints for finding the bugs in the Construction chapter?IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE!

  25. tobythebookfiend says:

    iggy, finding the caterpillar will help you.

    i really need some kind of hint for the butterfly!

  26. JayZiebarth says:

    Do you like the smell of cooked bacon?

  27. tobythebookfiend says:

    JAY! maybe that comment was for me. I've been meaning to write you. been following your work for the past two years and it is a great inspiration to me, fellow artist. Steve gave me some tips on programing directions for game design but I wondered about your method. looks like you use a tablet. do you draw directly in flash or use other programs as well?

    Hey man, great job and congratulations on Ballads! Watched your last dev. blog. vid. and, RIGHT ON! Thanks for showing us what its like to follow your dreams.

  28. JayZiebarth says:

    Yes, I use a wacom tablet. I mostly draw right in flash but sometimes I sketch on paper and then scan and clean it up in flash.

    AGS seems like a great way to make adventure games, a lot of notable games have been made using that; like "Gemini Rue" and the "Blackwell" series to name a couple. I've never used it, but I think if you do it in that it's hard to bring it to other platforms.

    Flash has always been my program of choice, it can be nutty sometimes but overall it has a really great set of tools for animation. I actually was in the same boat as you when I made the Visitor, I had no idea how to code, I basically just fumbled my way through it using tutorials. So I'd suggest starting with something really basic and simple like The Visitor or try the game "Samorost". Simple point and click ideas.

    I look forward to playing your first game!

  29. tobythebookfiend says:

    Just finished total completion (including awards)!! Took a little under 12 hours (with a few breaks), of course with a little help from my friends. Thanks everybody. Enjoy!

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