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  1. beefsnarf123 says:

    Hello Guys Its Me Isaac Or Well You Know BEEFSNARF123 Anyway I Am Back 14 And Boy Have I Changed ALOT. Ok So Firstly I Am More Into Animation Mostly Hand Drawn Animation And I Might Still Make A Few Games When I Am Older And If I Can Find A Good Online Program For Free. Anyway My Game Ideas The Many Quests/Tales Of Joe And Joe & Sam Also My Show Idea Chicken Joe Are SCRAPPED AND DEAD I Know They Sucked But I Am Changing My Projects. My New Ideas Are NEW ORIGINAL AND CREATIVE For Example I Have Many Ideas For Shows And Or Shorts These Ideas Are............ PoTaTo MaN The Inanimate Legend.......... Flyer Flighters..........Band Of Heroes...........Robotic Plantation......... MORE IDEAS MIGHT COME SOON I WILL GIVE THEM TIME THROUGH Anyway I Would Love To Have 4 Seasons Of Each Show And Even Have 14 Episodes Per Seasons Everything About These Shows Will Be On My Ipod 5 And The Only Project 100% Complete With All Info Is Potato Man. And Now Lastly For Video Games I Would Love To Make A Series Called Magic Pen And Just Like Everything Else I Made Its Planed Out A Bit So Yeah For Now I Vow To Show Up More Also Feel Free To Give Me FeedBack So Ya Around Also Jay And Steve Feel Free To Delete My OLDER Fourms

  2. spookspoon says:

    Same ideologies, different personality. That also happened to me some time ago.

  3. Darkroot says:

    Yep you sounds exactly the same from when I was here before. Did you capitalize every word before? That might be new. Anyway hello, beefsnarft123 can't wait till you turn up again with a new personality.


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