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  1. SteveCastro says:

    My friend introduced me to this cool game concept of printing your own paper miniatures for a game. They look so much cooler than you might expect! Check out these links:



    Oh the possibilities...

  2. SteveCastro says:

    Even cooler stuff! http://www.worldworksgames.com/store/index.php?view=pages&pgid=7

    "Introduced to our catalog in late 2009, TerrainlinX is our PDF "Print, Build, Play" 100% modular terrain system." These things are so high quality!

  3. spookspoon says:

    that terrainlinx stuff looks really awesome, but kinda fragile. I wouldnt want to have something like that in my house, where people come and go and destroy everything in their path.

  4. ArmorGrid says:

    Thanks for checking out our game! We just released new miniatures, "Armor Grid: Mech Factory - Battle Colors", and you can find them here:


  5. leestewart says:

    Can this be possible to do on used paper stocks? I got several of it at digitekprinting after we get their print service.. maybe for some leftover stocks I can make something unique as this one.

  6. comof2014 says:

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