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  1. xXincognitoXx says:

    I have a ps3 and am going to get a game. The games cost $60 new and $30+ used so I don't want to just buy any random game. It would help to get some good game ideas.

    I already have COD:MW2, Fallout 3, inFamous, and FF 13.

    Any ideas would help :)

  2. Earl says:

    It really depends on what you feel like.

    I mean, personally, I wouldn't consider a PS3 even worth bothering to get if you didn't immediately pick up Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, and Fallout 3.

    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (I think it's IV... anyway, Oblivion is the part that stands out) is crazy fun if you like that style of game. For that matter, if you don't mind the lack of splitscreen co-op, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce is decent fun.

    If you're looking to get the most bang for your buck, I wouldn't suggest bothering with DLC games. Though they're crazy-fun, they don't give nearly as many hours of playtime per dollar when compared to a lot of disc-based games.
    (That said, Bionic Commando Rearmed is frigging awesome if you like nostalgia)

  3. Darkroot says:

    Why bother getting Fallout 3 for the ps3 why not the computer there are all these awesome mods and less glitches.

    I personally don't own a ps3 but I would recommend getting Final Fantasy XIII, god of war 3, heavy rain and definitely 3D dot heroes if you ever played the a 2d zelda and liked it.

    @Earl are you talking about psn games or dlc content? Because for both I would disagree. There are a ton of fun small cheap games that basically equal their play time with the price yet are more fun than some $60 games. It really depends on the quality of the game not how long it wastes your time with repetitive stuff. Fun does not equal how long a game is. dlc content is worth it if you own the game and is reasonably priced unlike cod:mw2.

  4. Earl says:

    Do you realize we both recommended games he already has? :)
    And the best reason to play Fallout 3 on the PS3 is if you already have a PS3. Besides, not everybody's terribly fond of the whole mouse-and-keyboard setup.
    Anyways, it just seems that most downloadable games don't offer much (in my opinion).

    Take Braid for example: Interesting gameplay idea. Some clever puzzles. However, the story is garbage. The creator admitted that some parts of the story were gibberish (not quite how he phrased it, I realize), and that he didn't care if he created a product that the customers actually... liked.
    To top it all off, it only takes a few hours to beat (3? 5 tops?). Sorry, but that just doesn't warrant the price paid.

    Compare that to MGS4 where you'll typically play through the entire game multiple times, and it's dirt-cheap now? Nah. No contest. Or Oblivion where you couldn't possibly explore all the dungeons and crypts and oblivion gates in under a few dozen hours. Not to mention absurd replayability.
    Like I said, there are exceptions (Bionic Commando Rearmed, the new Mega Man games, etc), but it certainly isn't where I'd start if I was building up a collection.

  5. Darkroot says:

    Yeah I don't usually notice when people write FF so shame on me.

    Trust me the mods on the pc version of fallout 3 make the game so much more awesome for free. If you haven't played around with the mods you haven't truly played fallout 3 in my opinion.

    Well I liked Braid and apparently a lot of people I knew and metacritic liked it to (%93). Usually you don't expect much story wise from and indie games. If I wanted storyline I would go read a book.

    The price well lets take the games costs $10 and has 5 hours of game play that would make it $2 cost hours.

    Fallout 3 for $60 and 40 hours of game play is $1.5 cost hours.

    To me that doesn't look bad.

    I don't usually play games more than once due to time constraints so I wouldn't know about re playability.
    Yeah I have no clue what cost hours is but I just made it up because it sounded funny. :P

  6. xXincognitoXx says:

    Thanks (although I already own fallout 3 and no offence but I am not a big computer gamer. Just flash games and a few complex games *Ballads of Reemus* eventually when I buy it) and through some of your comments and my own research I have narrowed it down to the following:

    Resistance 2 or Fall of Man
    Killzone 2

    (I was debating about MGS4 and decided that it dosent seem like a game for me)

    Any opinions on which game I should get or a way to prove me wrong about MGS4 would help.

  7. darkbluemullet says:

    First off, out of they 4. it would have to be Killzone 2. Single Player and Multi Player are equally fast paced and frantic fun.

    I have a PS3 and have about 40 games. The best games I have played (and it's almost all of them) are definitely the COD series, GTA IV, Killzone 2, Call Of Jaurez, Resistance 1 & 2 and The Fifa series.

    It really depends on what sort of game you like. If you like rpg types the Dragon Age:Origins is a good buy.

    I use a game rental site called Boomerang Rentals. It is really cheap to rent games but they sell them second hand dirt cheap too and I have bought loads from there. Check it out as it may be cheaper in the long run.


    As for MGS4.... it is amazing. You have to stick with it and it lasts for ages but the it a great gaming experience. I would get it second hand, should be cheap by now.

  8. Earl says:

    While although I loved MGS4, it certainly wouldn't be for everyone, so I won't try changing your mind. :)

    I assume you already know this, but Oblivion is very similar (gameplay-wise) to Fallout 3 (same developer, and 99% sure they're the same game engine).
    So, the best way to describe Oblivion (for someone who's already played Fallout 3):
    Take out VATS.
    Add in spells.
    Add in different classes (mages and fighters play entirely different).
    Take out some of the weapon variety.
    Add in the ability to enchant your own weapons and create your own spells.
    Make it seem a bit... bigger.

    And you'll sorta have a feel for Oblivion. :)
    That said, LBP is pretty spiffy. It's fun to play online (particularly if you have friends with the game). It's crazy fun to create levels/contraptions.
    And, it's still receiving a slow flow of updates and add-ons.

    Unfortunately, I can't comment on resistance or killzone (haven't played'em).

  9. tman140 says:

    I dont own a ps3, but my friend does. I love his dark void game. its pretty fun. is new price from gamestop is $40.00. love it. you are a guy who goes around with weapons and a jet pack kicking alien booty.

  10. xXincognitoXx says:

    Thanks for the ideas guys and my final decision was the one game no one actually commented on, Resistance 2.

    Though thanks to Earl for strengthening my faith in Oblivion and it made a close second. I will buy it soon enough.

  11. tman140 says:


  12. Darkroot says:

    Wow spam much... anyway

    @xXincognitoXx check out "3D dot heroes" if you like Zelda you will definitely love this game.

    I played Resistance 2 and I have to say it's pretty interesting never used a weapon that shoots through walls and having the ability to see through them made it a quite interesting experience.

  13. Earl says:

    I didn't think 3D Dot Game Heroes came out for another two weeks?

  14. darkbluemullet says:

    Aaaah Resistance. The first game I ever got for my PS3 was Resistance:Fall Of Man.
    Totally blew me away at the time. You will love it and multiplayer is mad. It is frantic.

  15. xXincognitoXx says:

    Thanks I am actually buying Resistance 2 and my friend is selling me his copy of Fall of Man for only $10. So I am getting 2 resistance games :)

  16. spookspoon says:

    wow that reminds me when I bought a game from a friend with $3 :P And it worked great. MY old friends are a bit dumb. (no offence)

  17. spookspoon says:

    Why isnt anybody posting here?

  18. Earl says:

    Here (this thread) or here (this forum)?
    This thread: Because the original problem has pretty much been resolved.
    This forum: It hasn't really 'taken off' yet. Considering how far off Ballads is, and since Reemus 4 hasn't been released yet (which will hopefully include a very prominent link here), there's not really much going on yet. Just a nice framework for when it's needed.

  19. xXincognitoXx says:

    Sorry another question for those who have played both.
    What is better COD:MW2 or Bad Company 2 and why?

  20. tman140 says:

    it depends what your looking for, cod has a great multiplayer system, while bad company 2 has a good storyline


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