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  1. DarkKnight says:

    I was going to name this fourm 'Animator vs Animation' because i would like to say about this great animation but i shall call it 'Animations' so everyone can say when great new animations have come out and talk about their favourite animations. favourite animation is Animator vs Animation III. There is a link below and I advice you watch the whole sereis enjoy!


  2. connah14 says:

    great idea for a thread on this brilliant forum

  3. DarkKnight says:

    What's your favourite animation?

  4. spookspoon says:

    haha, my fav has to be the saga of super mario bros. Z, and sonic RPG. (but thats more like a game) the tetris'd trilogy is also pretty good, and how could I forget blockhead. with around 15 episodes of this silly character created by "the swain". I've also seen animator vs animation before and really liked it.

  5. connah14 says:

    i dont really have a favorate animation partly because i dont know of many , if it is a game . it would be the remmus games

  6. Bopoo says:

    I know one funny animation. Big Buck Bunny!

  7. Bopoo says:

    Its not my favourite, but its still good.

  8. connah14 says:



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