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  1. SteveCastro says:

    We've just launched our Kickstarter campaign this Monday 4/15/13 for a new A Small Favor game!

    Check out the mini-site I just setup for it (this page will be updated rapidly over the next few days):

    Also updated here:

    We've already got some positive response from a few review sites, so we're hoping we get some good coverage early in the campaign.

    People are talking about the news on our facebook page too:

    Stay tuned!

  2. connah14 says:

    sounds exciting Steve !

  3. SteveCastro says:

    The Kickstarter for our new upcoming A Small Favor game is now live!

  4. Earl says:


    Now I just have to... figure out how to pledge without a credit card.
    (Yes. I'm 32 and still haven't gotten around to getting a credit card. I'm paranoid about having anything that could potentially accrue debt)

  5. Earl says:

    Just a neat link for tracking the progress: Kicktraq

  6. Darkroot says:

    Lol, credit cards are just big traps. It's kinda annoying to see random stalls at my university trying to push credit cards on ignorant students and in exchange giving them new shirts. I know quite a few will go for the free shirts.

    I hate to bet against Jay and Steve but I foresee it's not going to work. Unless some magic like reddit to picks it up. But I love to be proven wrong when inside I too wish for success.

  7. darkbluemullet says:

    Credit card? You just need a normal debit card? Maybe it is different for you guys in the US?? I just pledged through Amazon. Just as an FYI for Jay & Steve, I mentioned before that I am a poor student these days (which actually really amazing!!) so I have only managed to pledge $10 at this time. I was going to go for the $6 which would get me the same but I felt guilty and wanted to leave that 1 spot open to someone discovering the project for the first time. Thank you for the link Earl, very handy although I am not sure how the trending works?? One last thing, does anyone know what happens with the conversion rates will work? $10 is £6.53 at this moment in time but will there be a an extra charge as I am in the UK? I couldn't find anything in the FAQ's....... *away to spread the word*

  8. tman140 says:

    We have debit cards, but it still can become that "magical piece of plastic." Anyways, I would love to pledge but I am sooo broke right now... *sigh*

    Is there a planned price point for non-preorders yet? I would love to pay the $20 to beta test though... hmmm... I might just have to see if a can make some quick cash around here... (Anyone in the Atlanta, GA area looking for a left-handed bass-guitar???)

  9. KatoPotato says:

    I pledged $1000 for you guys. I hope you get the game up and running.

  10. spookspoon says:

    Wow.. this guy ^ is not kidding, today's pledged totals > 1200.


  11. tman140 says:


  12. tman140 says:

    lol i was typing something else... then heard jay say sean, you maniac...

  13. KatoPotato says:

    I don't mean to knitpick but it's Shawn. :p but Kato works too. ;)

  14. tman140 says:

    Well then... thats a first for me to hear... lol wutev

  15. tman140 says:

    Also, what happens if it doesn't get funded? According to Kickstarter "This project will only be funded if at least $30,000 is pledged by Wednesday May 15, 11:42am EDT." Does that mean that money we donated will go back to us, and that we wont get any of the pledge prizes?

  16. SteveCastro says:

    KatoPotato is our hero!

    If KS doesn't get funded, we don't get the money. The pledge money isn't withdrawn until the goal is reached at the end, I believe. That's why we really need all the help we can get, even $3 would go a long way toward helping us making this game a reality if we can get a bunch of people in on it.

    We won't be able to make the game if we don't hit our goal, so please pledge if you can!

  17. KatoPotato says:

    I wish I could donate more but I got taxes, helping my sister in time for her baby and such. Thanks again for the praise everyone. :)

  18. Earl says:

    Credit card finally arrived! I can now haz be backer!
    (I can also haz still be worried about the progress. Perhaps we could release several sacks of crazed weasels into the streets?)

    (actually... I'm not quite sure people would make the connection... better make it crates of hyenas)

  19. KatoPotato says:

    Looks like I'm no longer the only $1000 backer for the project. Good for the other person. (Don't know who did it though.)

  20. JayZiebarth says:

    Earl, did you get a credit card just for us? Either way, I love you. Thanks so much!

  21. SteveCastro says:

    Yes, Earl, you are such a good guy, and have been such a big help to us in so many ways. Thank you for the pledge!

  22. Earl says:


    So, back on-topic, anyone have any good ideas on how further promote this for the last week?
    Joystiq seems to like covering a lot of kickstarters.

  23. SteveCastro says:

    I don't think the problem is conversion, I think the problem is views. We have more dollars than views, so if we can triple our views I think we can hit our goal.

    We'd love to get on Joystiq. I think we contacted them, but if anyone wants to send an email suggesting it again that'd be great.

  24. jeltevl says:

    too bad that you didn't reach you're goal.

  25. SteveCastro says:

    Ya, we were hoping we could get there, but we had a good run. We're regrouping now to figure out our next move.

  26. tman140 says:

    You guys could pull off the first annual Clickshake bake sale...

    This year is based on the theme of our in-progress game, A Small Favor.
    For five dollars you can get a delicious pink space bunny cake. Or, for just a dollar you can get marshmallows melted by a laser gun!


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