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  1. darkbluemullet says:

    While we are all awaiting the next influx of info to devour...... I thought I would ask what games you loved back in day (whatever that means to you depending on your age).

    The game that sticks out the most in my mind in Broken Sword, which is the reason, I think, that the Reemus games really caught my imagination the first time I played it.

    This is Broken Sword if you have never seen or played it:

    Another game that I loved was Return Fire. This game was all about the multiplayer. It had a single player mode but playing with someone else was a ton of fun.

    Here is Return Fire:

    What about yourselves?

  2. Earl says:

    Just yesterday, I was thinking of starting a similar thread. Even had quite a bit typed out before I decided it was sleepytimes.
    Mine'll be bloody long, so I'll hold off on answering. :)

  3. tman140 says:

    I think one of my most favorite games ever has to be Metroid Prime. I started playing about... IDK, 7 years ago, and just loved it! I also played (and still do) a lot of random point and click games, after watching my dad play through the first "Submachine"


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