Ballads of Reemus & Several Journeys / 2 questions for the developpers!
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  1. Kirby1kenoby says:

    I have 2 questions!

    I just bought "Ballads of Reemus" and it's a wonderfull game!!!
    However, I have a bug when I play on windows.
    When I close the game window to exit the game it tells me "Program' has stopped working, Windows will now close the program".
    It's a bit annoying, but the game works good and I can play it despite the bug.
    Is it something to do about that? (I have Windows Vista Pro 32 bits)

    My second question is about to know where is the game saved on my hard disk when I play on Windows? In wich directory?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. SteveCastro says:

    Are you talking about the downloadable version?

    The game cleans up temp files when it exits. Perhaps something happens during that process?

    The game is saved to the registry. We don't create any files or folders except temp files which go in the Windows temp folder.

  3. enshyen says:

    Yep, the downloaded game ( crashes on exit on Windows XP Pro (32 bit) too. Apart from that the game works fine (kinda slow on my P4 3.2 GHz machine at places e.g. the intro scene -- haven't changed the quality settings).


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