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Our most requested sequel will become a reality this Halloween with The Visitor Returns, taking the death slug back to the original point and click adventure style, with all the horror of the original and bloodier than ever!

Play as the alien monster as you devour and assimilate your prey, becoming more powerful with each kill. The Visitor Returns is now available for sponsorship on Featuring several scenarios with 6 different endings, auto-save feature, wide aspect ratio support and all new music from Sergiu Muresan, the composer who also did the music for The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy. Visitor Returns game page »

For those of you chomping at the bit for Ballads to be finished, you’ll be happy to know that the core game programming is just HOURS from being finished! After that we’ll be doing thorough testing before we send the final voice scripts off to be recorded. Then we’ll spend some time getting the menus just right and making it available for sale!

This is looking to be a great month for ClickShake fans.

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22 Responses to “The Visitor Returns in 2011, Now Up For Sponsorship”

  1. Zaigo says:

    Can’t wait to play it. By the way, will there be rewards?

  2. SteveCastro says:

    You bet there will be. :)

  3. urmonator says:

    Will The Visitor Returns be the same gameplay style as “Massacre at Camp Happy?”

  4. SteveCastro says:

    @urmonator Visitor Returns will be in the style of the Zeebarf’s original “The Visitor”, as a point and click adventure. It’s a true sequel to the original, unlike Massacre which was more of an action adventure offshoot.

    BTW, I like your avatar. :)

  5. spookspoon says:

    looks real nice, so its just waiting for sponsership? can you launch it on october 30 pliz?

  6. urmonator says:

    Great! I loved “The Visitor”!! Point and click is the best. And thank you! Altair is the bomb

  7. wolee03 says:


  8. AngryCheese says:

    Are you gonna update Visitor returns on newgrounds halloween 2011 contest?

  9. AngryCheese says:

    Halloween is here!
    Where´s the game?

  10. JayZiebarth says:

    It’s out of our hands right now, when the sponsor releases it we’ll let you know.

  11. AngryCheese says:


  12. AngryCheese says:

    I cannot wait anymore! :(

  13. fabio646 says:

    Hello Everyone!!!

    I am Despared!! Have you guys any News yet??
    Greetings from Portugal!!!

  14. JayD1984 says:

    I cannot wait anymore either, but it is not Zeebarf’s fault. The f***ing stupid sponsor is to f***ing blame. Curse that stupid sponsor (whoever it is)!

  15. SteveCastro says:

    It’s not the sponsor’s fault. There is a process of finalizing a deal which involves 3rd parties. Sometimes it goes quick, sometimes it can take a few weeks. They are just as anxious to release the game as you are all excited to play it.

  16. JayD1984 says:

    Oh, okay then. I had no idea, so whoever the sponsor is, I would like to apologize. Sorry sponsor, F**K YOU 3rd party f**g**s!

  17. connah14 says:

    is there any need to swear ?

  18. JayD1984 says:

    @connah14 – When I swear, it shows how disappointed I am with the 3rd parties delaying the release. I know swearing is wrong and all, but it’s been 2 weeks since Halloween, and there are some people who would like to play the sequel. Besides, there is no anger or disappointment shown without swearing (unless if you are real good at coming up with sophisticated words that can intimidate the 3rd parties, much like how lawyers can come up with letters on behalf of their clients to remedy a situation).

  19. connah14 says:

    @JayD1984 fair enough

  20. AngryCheese says:

    I want teh game!!

  21. Bubba1986 says:

    Just played it. It was brilliant, especially the final scene, that made me laugh, over and over. Excellent work, stunning game, as with all your games.

  22. AngryCheese says:

    Finally I´m going to play it!

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