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ClickShake Games is proud to announce a brand new point and click adventure for 2011!

With a promotion at stake and a house full of co-workers, Zee must throw the party of the year in order to keep his career aspirations alive. Unfortunately his weird roommate’s mysterious alien machine threatens to derail everything. Will Zee overcome the deadly secret of the alien machine and save the party? Only YOU can decide!

8 Responses to “Zee and the Alien Machine”

  1. 4296ryan says:

    dude this is awesome glad you came out with another game and when is ballads coming out and are you guys going to put out any more screenshots and videos

  2. Dytheros says:

    so this is the project you were talking about.
    very slick looking, hope it gets sponsored soon so we can play it.

    I wonder who this Zee guy is, kinda looks like he’s been trapped in a cabin for a while.
    what better than a party to get rid of cabin fever.
    too bad someone has to die……

  3. Zaigo says:

    Looks interesting, really looking forward to it.

  4. SteveCastro says:

    Tons of progress is happening on Ballads. We’ll be announcing completion of major milestones on that game very soon!

    Also, new videos/screenshots/updates should be on the horizon all the time. We don’t set any particular dates for when we do those, just in between working on stuff we do them. Our goal is to update you guys at least monthly or weekly if possible, but it all depends on how busy we are in the middle of a project.

    I’m hoping to do my first video update at some time soon. :)

  5. brussels1 says:

    dytheros zee is obviously zeebarf
    also when is it coming out before or after ballads
    i want something new to play

  6. JayZiebarth says:

    Before ballads, it will be out as soon as the sponsorship hunt wraps up.

  7. Dytheros says:

    You obviously did not get my reference to the clickshake production diary’s.

    If you haven’t done so yet, you should watch them then you will get what I was saying.

    I’m pretty sure Jay got the joke/reference.

  8. ReemusFan says:

    Oh gosh I’m excited. Looking forward to the new game coming out soon! Who knew sponsorship hunts took this long?

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