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Members can now earn ClickShake Rewards from playing games on our site! Rewards are like achievements you get by accomplishing in-game goals, except that earned Rewards can then be used in other ClickShake games in inter-game quests.

Rewards Screenshot

The first game to implement this new system is Zeebarf’s The Visitor, which has 3 Rewards you can earn. You can see in the screenshot that the Heroic Revolver has been earned but the other 2 are still locked.

If you earn the Revolver from The Visitor, you might see it show up in A Small Favor allowing you to unlock a new side quest with it. This is just an example of how we plan to utilize Rewards as right now Visitor is the only game using Rewards. Now that the system has been built we are planning to roll them out to several more games in the very near future. Stay tuned for more ClickShake Rewards.

The system is brand new so if you run into any glitches, please let us know what browser you are using and describe what happened. Thanks and have fun!

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